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  • Date Released: 2017-09-01
  • Genres: Electronic Music Rock
  • Tracks Count: 10
  • ℗ 2017 Excelsior Equity Management of NY, LLC under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Song Artist Duration Size
call the police LCD Soundsystem 06:58 13.74 MB
change yr mind LCD Soundsystem 04:57 10.66 MB
how do you sleep? LCD Soundsystem 09:12 20.04 MB
tonite LCD Soundsystem 05:47 11.44 MB
emotional haircut LCD Soundsystem 05:29 11.47 MB
american dream LCD Soundsystem 06:06 13.47 MB
black screen LCD Soundsystem 12:05 25.65 MB
oh baby LCD Soundsystem 05:49 11.75 MB
other voices LCD Soundsystem 06:43 13.35 MB
i used to LCD Soundsystem 05:32 10.98 MB
The album LCD Soundsystem - american dream contains 10 tracks that accumulates 01:08:38 minutes or 142.56 MB
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A short description:
You could forgive James Murphy for feeling apprehensive about reviving LCD Soundsystem after their epic bowing-out in 2011. But when David Bowie urges you to do something, you kind of have to take it to heart. Bowie’s influence is all over american dream, as are all the touchpoints that announced LCD's early-'00s indie bona fides. The searing guitars and ambient textures on “call the police” and “other voices” play like pages in Bowie’s Berlin diaries, and the band nods generously in the direction of Bono, Talking Heads, electro, and '80s post-punk throughout. That’s no surprise. But for Murphy, american dream also represents a beautifully matured reckoning. The jaded record-store geek of 2002’s “Losing My Edge” is now gracefully grappling with aging and loss on the thumping, New Order-esque “tonite,” sing-speaking lines like, "We maybe realize what it is we need before we die.” This is LCD come full circle. Not only have they not missed a stitch upon returning—american dream is arguably their best album yet.